Live Online Ancient Greek Class on eduFire

I have just arranged my first ever live online Ancient Greek class on the eduFire online learning site.  I can also provide individual sessions.  Come and have a look :-)

To register as an eduFire student (its free :-)) click here.

To get a free conducted tour round all the technology to make sure it works for you, take a Student Orientation session by clicking here.

To sign up for my classes (max 12 students – $7 each – you can use English payment methods too) click here.  The times will not be accurate till you register and chose your own timezone – till then it will assume you are in America :-O

To book an individual session any time you like click here.

Look forward to seeing you :-)

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Mair – I have just found your pages!! Wow! You are some cookie :o)

    Could I have the url for the learning classes please?


  2. Hi Joyce,
    Glad you have found me. The links in the post lead to the class and to my profile, but I’ll try to make it clearer for others to find me :-)

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